Booster Club

We are looking forward to another successful year. Our primary goal is to support the soccer program, the coaching staff and the school administration here at Harrison High School. We also promote excellence in all of the athletic and scholastic endeavors of our players. Parental support is our key to a successful season. Soccer Club Boost Club members support the soccer organization, here at Harrison High School by providing equipment, services, and facilities which are not provided by the school.


It is with that resolve that we ask for your help and participation in the various soccer team committees and activities that provide the backbone for this organization and our student-athletes. There are never enough volunteers and numerous opportunities exist for you to participate at whatever level you can contribute. Below is a brief overview of the major committees and their functions.


Membership Coordinates membership drives, dues collections, and maintenance of team rosters. 


Communications Provides the intercommunication between the Booster Club Officers, coaches, school administration and our membership at large. Help is also needed for all four teams to act as announcer

at all home games. 

Hospitality Serves as the social segment of our organization as they coordinate all booster sponsored banquet and press box activities such as team meals, the Pot Luck Dinner, the Annual Banquet dinner, and Senior Night.


Concessions Responsible for the coordination, supervision, and scheduling of staffing of the concession stand at all home games. 


Fundraising Oversees our fund raising projects. 


Merchandise Responsible for selecting and selling spirit wear. 


Website Coordinates with all the committees to post information and pictures available on the Harrison Hoya Website. 

Harrison Hoya Soccer