2020 Season Fees

Many hands make work light. With that in mind, we ask all families to help out one night/one game at the concession stand. The schedule will be set up so that you will not work during your child's game. Please note:

  • If you cannot work your shift, then you are responsible for finding a replacement and advising the committe  of the person who will be working in your place.

  • Also, please email the webmater of the changes so we can update the list and know who will be working the game.

  • Before reporting for your concession stand shift, please review the Concession Stand Guidelines (Below).

  • If you are scheduled to work the first game, please plan to arrive 30 minutes early for setup.

  • If you are scheduled to work the last game, please plan to stay after the game for cleanup.

  • If you only work once during the regular season, you may be asked to work during the playoffs.

​And everyone appreciates your efforts and contributions!

Concession Stand Guidelines

  • Only adults are allowed in the concession stand.

  • Please do not help yourself or children to free food. Remember this is another way to raise money for the teams. 

  • You must be at the concession stand 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

  • One of the Concession Stand Co-chairs will try to start the coffee, heating water for hot chocolate, turn on the nacho's cheese warmer. The families working any particular evening should see to setting up the grill for hamburgers, hot dogs and sometimes chicken. 

  • Set up the picnic table with condiments, coffe cream/sugar, napkins, etc. 

  • Keep an eye on the money box.

  • Anticipate the half-time rush: prepare extra hot chocolate, popcorn, drinks, etc. 

  • Clean up after your shift. If two games are being played, straighten up the concession stand. Refresh condiments, napkins, stirrers, etc. Restock the candies and sodas. At the end of the last played game, wash out the coffee pot, nacho's/chilli pot, and any other utensils used. 

  • Volunteers that close down the concessions for the night will need to help pick up trash from under and around the home side bleachers. (per direction from Athletic Director, Mr. Moody)

  • The High School no longer allows concession volunteers to enter the field without paying. You may see Concession Coordinator for reimbursement of your admission fee.

  • The work schudule has been set at the Booster Club Pot Luck dinner. You will not receive any other notification from the concession stand co-chairs to when your time/dates are. But remember... that the team and the Booster Club are depending upon you. The sales help support your children. 

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