Pre-Season Information 2019-20

2020 Season Fees

Fees for the 2020 Season are $550.00. Fundraising opportunities to offset these fees can be found here.


Player Requirements

Please log into your ParentVue account and complete the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form, Athletic Participation, Waiver, Insurance & Consent Form & Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Forms.

These forms must be completed and uploaded on the ParentVue site prior to your player participating in pre-season conditioning.  If your player participated in a Fall or Winter sport, he/she does not need to submit updated forms unless there changes; the forms on file will transfer to Spring Sports.  After you upload your forms, please print a copy and have your player give it to Coach Gross at school.


Please Take Note: Flu shots are NOT required to play soccer, but highly recommended.  Each season the flu causes players to miss practices and games, which has a direct and negative impact on their team.

Pre-Season Player Conditioning


UPDATE POSTED 12/13: There will be one more conditioning session before school lets out for Winter Break; it will be held Tuesday, December 17th, right after school in the stadium.

 First day of conditioning will be Friday, December 6th immediately after school at the stadium. YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN CONDITIONING WITHOUT A PHYSICAL FORM ON FILE.  For new players, conditioning is running, no cleats or ball and usually last about a hour/1.5. These sessions are highly recommended in preparation for try-outs and the official season.

2020 Soccer Tryouts


Tryout Week - There will be 3 days of tryouts on January 13th, 14th & 15th.  The times for these tryouts will be communicated prior to and as soon as they have been determined. Please check back soon. Teams will be announced on Coach Gross' blog the evening of January 15th. 

Initial Practices will be on Thursday, January 16th & Friday, January 17th. Not attending practice on Friday, 1/17 and/or Monday, 1/20 is NOT an option. Please make your travel arrangements around the practice schedule. If you know you will be missing BOTH of these practices, your player must speak with Coach Gross as soon as possible. Uniform kits & practice jerseys will be distributed to players in one of the first practice sessions. Time of practices will be announced.

Player and team pictures will be on Saturday, January 25th at the stadium and order forms will be distributed when team's are announced.  Time of pictures will be announced.

The Parent & Player Luncheon will take place on Saturday, January 25th from 11-12:30 at the school, main dining hall, player/team pictures will follow the luncheon in the stadium at 1pm. 


Concession Stand


Every family is REQUIRED to sign up for 3-4 slots (per player) in the concession stand.  AFTER teams are announced, an email with the schedule and sign up abilities will be distributed, so parents may select their preferred dates. JV Girl parents WORK during the JV Boy game.  JV Boy parents WORK during the JV Girl game.  Same with Varsity.  


How it works?  Usually JV Girls play before JV Boys.  (Sometimes its the reverse)  Varsity Girls play before Varsity Boys.  You will sign up to work for the Girls game.  Girls kick off either at 5:30 or 5:55pm.  You need arrive 30 minutes prior to game time.  You pay your $5 at the ticket booth and come into the concession stand.  You work your shift and then proceed out to watch your son play.  If Dad signs up to grill and mom signs up to work, and you add in a sibling to help - those are your three family required slots, you're all done.  If you DO NOT sign up for slots, you will be assigned.  We ask that you sign up for regular season games first.  If all slots are filled when you go out to sign up, Aimee DeFrank will keep track of families who haven't worked in the concession stand and you will be assigned to home games when we make a run at the playoffs.  There is NO PAYOUT option.


Volunteer Opportunities

(1) For every game we need the following for both the JV and Varsity games: announcer, time keeper, ball boys/girls.  If you have an interest in serving in one of these positions, please let me know.  Announcer and time keepers will get into the game for FREE and get to sit in the warm press box.  Ball boys/girls also get into the game for free and get a drink and hotdog/hamburger at half time.


(2) There are times when we do not have buses for away games.  This isn't because Cobb County doesn't have buses, it's because we don't have the drivers.  For games that we don't have a bus, we ask for parent volunteers to carpool.  If you can help with carpooling, please let me know.


(3) For every HOME game, we have a team dinner at a parent's house where all the players come immediately after school to eat.  Looking at the preliminary schedule, Varsity has 11 home games and JV has 6 home games.  As soon as teams are announced, a sign up genius will be distributed to sign up to host and/or to provide food for the dinners.  


(4) JV and Varsity Parent Representative for concessions.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHOP!!  We are asking for a volunteer, both on the women's and men's side to help open/close the concession stand.  JV girls play before JV boys.  So we are asking for a JV girls parent representative to OPEN the concession stand.  That will consist of setting up our inventory, getting the grill out and hooked up for our griller, starting popcorn, starting coffee, unlocking the soda machine, etc.  The JV boys parent representative will CLOSE the concession stand.  Basically, the reverse of everything the opener does.  Make sure the grill is put away, inventory is put away, popcorn machine is cleaned out, soda machine locked up, cash drawer counted.  There are a couple of times when JV boys play before JV girls so the JV boys parent representative will have to open.  The opener has to be there 45-60 minutes before kick off.  The volunteers in the concession stand at the end of the night basically do all the above listed tasks, you will just be overseeing it and most importantly grabbing the cash from the drawer.  We share the concession stand with lacrosse and have a really good relationship with them.  We make sure that our inventory is separate from theirs and that we leave the concession stand ready for them to use if they have a home game before us.  Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and we can talk more. 


Announcers provide dialogue (introduce players, report plays, etc.) to the attendees about the game during the game from the press box in the stadium. Announcers enter games with no charge.


Timekeepers track time of the games and enter the games with no charge.

Ball Boys & Girls

Ball boys & girls are on the edge of the field and retrieve balls kicked out of bounds and return them to the coaches and players during the game as needed. They get into the game for free and get a drink and hotdog or hamburger at half time.

Additional volunteer needs. Please contact your team’s manager to coordinate volunteering for any of these options:


There are times when we do not have buses for away games.  This isn't because Cobb County doesn't have buses, it's because we don't have the drivers.  For games that we don't have a bus, we ask for parent volunteers to carpool. 

Team Dinners

For every HOME game, we have a team dinner at a parent's house where all the players come to eat. The host home will receive food and drinks from other volunteer parents prior to the player’s arrival.

Men's team dinners are immediately after school on HOME game days. Women's team dinners are after practice the night before HOME games.

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